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From Peru to Lithuania

The charming trio from Vilnius brings you the South American fever - a tropical cumbia! You can't be indifferent to this music, the sincere, warm, relaxing rhythms make you forget all your problems and smile from a bottom of your heart. Just dance, dance, dance!

"Cumbia for me is a small, tropical, coastal village with donkeys, children playing football in the streets and old relaxed fisherman playing cards on a warm evening. In other words, it is a pure, simple, true and very happy feeling,” says group founder Adomas. “And people do feel this way during our concerts. That's what the cumbia is about."

Adomas got the cumbia fever while he was living in Peru, and later he passed the passion for this style to his friends; bass player Vytautas and percussionist Jonas. Prepare for a hot, tropical gust of cumbia to melt away your troubles!

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