What's Juke Train all about?

There’s a lot of YouTube channels out there. Especially those dedicated to music. From Balcony TV, to All Saints Sessions, to Sofar, and many more. Music channels are growing like mushrooms everywhere. There's an audience hungry for authentic non-scripted musical performances. In the light of these facts we wouldn’t blame you if you think Juke Train is another case of: “everybody else is doing it, so why don’t we?” Because, you would be completely right. That’s exactly what Juke Train is.

So why trains? Well, it turns out that other backdrops like cars, balconies, living rooms, and even elevators were already taken, so we were basically left with trains.

We gathered a nice team of talented friends (which we affectionately called the Juke Train’s Navvies*). They are the people building the foundations on which this train runs. They are photographers, videographers, recordists, musicians and other creators with great passion for music.

We are attempting to express ourselves through the lens of Juke Train and during the process, present you with the wonderful talent of artists from around the world. Many of these artists are completely unknown to you. We encourage you to listen and explore new musical frontiers; you might find some great surprises along the way.

Although Juke Train is based in Lithuania, a small country on the South corner of Northern Europe, we’ve received musicians visiting from all corners of the world. We’ve hosted musicians from places as far as the US, Chile, Mongolia, the Faroe Islands, Mali and Senegal,

Since the introduction of Juke Train, pianos have started to populate the areas at train stations around the country, train depots and other railway spaces have been opened up to hold public events and, musical concerts at train stations are now a common occurrence. Juke Train’s musical culture is permeating aspects of public life that we never saw coming.

Today, despite the long hiatus introduced by COVID-19, Juke Train keeps on running and we can’t wait to get started to film again.

We hope that in the future Juke Train will contribute in making railway travel more pleasurable and fun than ever for everyone.

For all of you out there following us, Thank you. All of this is for you.

.- Gabriel

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