Banda Magda

Lead vocals and Accordion
Magda Giannikou

Vocals and Bass
Andres Rotmistrovsky

Ignacio Hernandez

Percussion and vocals
Marcelo Woloski

Percussion and vocals
Keita Ogawa

Trumpet and Vocals
Justin Stanton


Behind cameras:
Gintas Berzinskas
Gediminas Bartuška
Vytenis Jurevičius
Gabriel Orentas

Post Production:
Deividas Jakavičius
Gabriel Orentas

The extraordinary Banda Magda is a colourful group of five musicians led by the Greek composer and singer Magda Giannikou. The band began in New York just seven years ago and already has performed on stages in 22 countries around the world and in numerous festivals

Combining jazz and a variety of Latin American musical styles, Banda Magda has developed a unique elegant sound spiced with dynamic rhythms and an impeccable execution

And that’s only the beginning. Banda Magda has an comprehensive line of workshop programmes that “encourage open-mindedness and self exploration through the study of global musical cultures”. We wouldn’t be able to come up with a better way to describe it

We are very lucky to have them on Juke Train, please enjoy!

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