Robertas Semeniukas

Ineta Meduneckytė

Laurita Peleniūtė

Domas Žostautas

Jonas Lengvinas


Behind cameras:
Gediminas Bartuška
Vytenis Jurevičius

Post Production:
Dora Plataunaitė
Gabriel Orentas

If you could synthesize the musical spirit of one country in one single band, that band would be for sure Žalvarinis. Formed in Lithuania in 2001, the quickly gather and important fan base, attracted by the powerful mix of traditional folk, rock, blues in combination with sticky guitar riffs and unforgettable hooks

Žalvarinis brought the sounds of the past and delivered them with a new dimension by introducing rock and electronic tones to it. Thanks to the brilliant creativity of Robertas Semeniukas (composer and band leader) and the lyrical vocals of Ineta Meduneckytė and Laurita Peleniūtė, the band has yielded five successful albums since 2002

The band has been very active in local and international venues, performing shows in UK, Estonia, Austria, Poland, Ukraine and USA. They have participated in numerous music festivals like the Henley Festival in UK and the Lithuanian Song Festival, where a multitude of one thousand singers gather to sing Žalvarinis' most popular tunes as one single voice


2002 “Žalvarinis“
2005 “Žalio vario”
2008 “Folk N’ Rock“
2014 “Gyvas”
2016 “Teka”