Motoichi Yuzawa

Motoichi Yuzawa


Behind cameras:
Gintas Berzinskas
Edita Anglickaitė

Post Production:
Dora Plataunaitė
Gabriel Orentas

The word Taiko is often used to describe the wide range of Japanese drums also known as Wadaiko. These drums come in a variety of types and sizes ranging from 30cm to almost 2 metres in diameter for the largest ones. Often played in ensembles, Japanese drum performances became very popular in the West since the 1980s with artists such as Kitaro and the group Kodo

We had unique opportunity for a live demonstration of Wadaiko with maestro Motoichi Yuzawa, who very kindly accepted our invitation to play at the train station

Through his performance, even though we didn't spoke any Japanese and he didn't spoke any English, maestro Yuzawa transmitted the energy, the discipline and the humility that are so characteristic of Japanese culture. We've been honoured to have him aboard of the Juke Train and we expect to see him back very soon

Special thanks to the Embassy of Japan in Lithuania who's kind assistance made this video possible