Luke Winslow King

Vocals, elec. and acoustic guitar
Luke Winslow King

Elec & acoustic guitar
Roberto Luti

Benji Bohannon

Brennan Andes


Behind cameras:
Gintas Berzinskas
Tomas Gorbačas

Post Production:
Dora Plataunaitė
Gabriel Orentas

Luke Winslow King is a well known American musician based in New Orleans. Characterized by his style on the slide guitar, Luke Winslow take us back to the time to the early years of vibrant Rock and Roll tunes. His music is a combination of vintage styles of blues, delta-folk, ragtime and jazz. He himself looks like a character from a 1930s movie. The authenticity that plays between his personal style and music is uncanny, evoking echoes of that long-gone golden era for music.